Caren Sommer-Lazar


C.Sommer Lazar

“Creating art has been my lifelong pursuit. It is as basic and natural a need for me as breathing. As an artist I am perceptive and deeply receptive to my surroundings. The intense, integral sensitivity I experience allows me to tap into the essence of each of my selected visual interests. These include landscapes, figures, portraiture, still-life, assemblage and drawings from nature. My inner voice dictates the best way to interpret them be it in wet and/or dry pigments, drawing materials or collage materials which include natural and man-made objects.

Color… I am excited by and use a rich palette freely, always aware of the light and how it informs the dark. I paint with loose brush strokes and strive in my landscapes to make sense out of chaos. I have been accused of “seeing color where there is none”. I believe and know from experience, if you take the time to look and really see, color always exists. The challenge is capturing it before it changes.

Line… I have always been attracted to and intrigued by the use of line. I see in line. Using line gives me the ability to say much in an economical way. Line allows me to show strength, vulnerability, vitality and subtlety while getting to the core or structure of what I’m visually deciphering. I often use neutral earth colored shades of paper and charcoal when drawing. I keep the works sparse which helps exact quietude and the deep spiritual connection that exists with my subject matter. I often employ dried vegetation, cornhusks, other natural forms from nature and skeletal remains as subjects. With a deep reverence and awe for the simple beauty of bones, I see them as a representation of the essential structure that supports life itself.

Collage…I shift in to creating collage when I need a different way of expressing myself. Collage is often my way of responding to the outside world of geopolitical and cataclysmic events as well as my inner world of personal transitions. Collage is my way to use color, shape, form, type and dimensional objects, often at the same time, to enlighten, discuss and express visual commentary.

As I continue to express myself, I attempt to synthesize and distill our shared human experience into a visual context for all to contemplate.”

Caren Sommer-Lazar’s current work includes line drawings and paintings from nature and 3-D assemblages. Her outdoor studies capture the sense of the unseen, dark and enchanted wandering into unfamiliar woods. 3-D assemblages convey both tainted and innocent qualities.