Jeff Schneider

transFORM Gallery Presents: Jeff Schneider
Jeff Schneider Painting Horse Books Apple Abstract transFORM Gallery
Jeff Schneider Painting Man on Horse Blue Abstact transFORM Gallery
Jeff Schneider Painting Silhouette Cowboy Abstract transFORM Gallery
Jeff Schneider Painting Woman Cowboy Horse Native Abstract transFORM Gallery

jeff schneider transform gallery
work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in New York, Miami, Chicago, Istanbul, Madrid and Dublin, and continues to expand.

In Schneider’s paintings, independent fields of unlikely imagery pulsate. Foreground and background vibrate off each other, switching roles. Staged in a sophisticated manner, the artist utilizes color to create frictional, fictional, and interchangeable relationships between the paintings’ components.  His colors separate and then engage elements of his paintings in active play for presence, dominance and the favor of the crowd’s eye.

He has lectured at Hunter College in New York and the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art in Dublin.  He has worked with renowned art historian Robert Storr on numerous projects for the Museum of Modern Art.  Like many of New York’s premier artists, Schneider’s studio is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the current hotspot of contemporary art.  A regular visitor to Ireland, Schneider’s work is gaining increasing recognition in Europe and the United States.