Photo Blog : The 5th Annual NRHS PAVE Exhibit

On Thursday, May 19th, transFORM Gallery happily hosted the 5th annual opening reception for New Rochelle High School’s PAVE Exhibit. This show entitled, “The Self” featured work by the PAVE 2 visual arts class.


The students were joined by family and friends as well as their instructor, Alexi Rutsch-Brock, Marc Schneider, the Direct Supervisor of Music & Art, and their Principal, Reginald Richardson.


It was nice to see everyone come together in support of the students and view their accomplished pieces, produced through hard work and early morning classes.


The PAVE 2 class exhibited three self portraits each – the first in markers focuses on line and pattern, the second infused glass in collaboration with Bullseye Glass Co, and the third in multimedia, using the grid enlargement technique inspired by artist Chuck Close.


The students were eager to talk about their artwork, process and inspirations.


Artist Elza Moore was walking around the mall when she became inspired by an unusual object. “I was just hanging out when I saw a boy throwing away a skateboard. It was broken in half and I thought it would be a cool thing to work with. I offered him a few dollars and he agreed to give it to me – that’s when the creative process started. I chose to work with this object because I really liked the broken edges. I used sand because it reminded me of the grip tape on the other side of the board. I am most proud of how I mixed the black and white sand to get tones of grey.”


Artist Susan Hu described her process in creating ‘Through the Haze’. “I chose to work on a circular piece of painted wood as a surface because the shape combined with an off-center subject, creates and interesting dynamic within the piece. The wood/paint grabs the charcoal very well. I used charcoal because it creates a smoky, wispy look. It was meant to give the viewer a hazy and mysterious vibe. My image depicts me looking upward towards the heavens – what I am looking at and why, is up to interpretation.”


Like other opening receptions, the night concluded with a short talk.


Andreas Messis (Co-Founder) and Kara O’Neill (Art Gallery Director) began by thanking the 75 + guests in attendance. Andreas shared some of his own experiences as a set designer and encouraged the students to pursue their artistic passion. Kara expressed her appreciation for the high quality work produced by such a young group of artists, rivaling that of professional artists and college students, stating that “their art is a reflection of a wonderful instructor.”  


Alexi took the floor and thanked transFORM Gallery for hosting their 5th annual PAVE exhibit. She then expressed her gratitude towards the parents and students – “in order to participate in the PAVE program, students arrived at school at 7:15 AM with no complaints – even on those dark winter mornings. That’s a true testament to their enthusiasm for creating and elevating their art. I am so proud of them.”


Participating Artists – Susan Hu, Amen Hussain, Kiera Jackson, Colleen Maria, Zahra Masih, Elza Moore, Arif Ramadhan, Juliana Reiner, Sabrina Salov, Eliana Silk, Carolyn Spillane, Bethany Tallan, Aren Davey, Jose Diaz, Alaniz Elliott, Abel Gamiz, Carmen Guzman, Jacob Hocking, Shahir Ahmed, Jasmine Arias, Ashley Beaubrun, Noah Berkowitz, Siena Callegari and Elizabeth Cox


A big thank you to all who attended this exhibit!