Photos: John Greene – Color Fields and Alexander Rutsch – A Retrospective Opening Reception

The energy of NYC’s Autumn Arts and Culture season was reflected at New York Design Center’s building wide event, What’s New What’s Next. This highly anticipated interior design celebration drew in over 6,000 people.

In the same vein, transFORM Gallery’s opening reception, John Greene – Color Fields and Alexander Rutsch – A Retrospective,  created an exciting pulse.



Alexander Rutsch, a prolific artist was a painter and sculptor, moved to Paris in 1950’s, where he became an influential force in the city’s art scene. In Europe, Rutsch studied with artists such as Herbert Boeckl, Josef Dobrosky, and collaborated with Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.  

Works by Rutsch are part of numerous private and public collections in Europe and the United States. He is represented at the Albertina, the Belvedere Museum and the Academy of Fine Arts all in Vienna, Austria; the Palace de Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium; the Art of Liege, Liege, Galerie Espace, Paris, France; Belgium; Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY; the Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA; and the Museum of Modern Art in New Orleans, LA.



John Greene, works in both single and multi-dimensional formats in encaustic, which is beeswax. He occasionally incorporates lead and copper in his paintings, which have an ever-changing patina and surface, whereas the wax, which is difficult to control and may lead to wonderful “accidents” in the end, counteracts the aging and metamorphosis of the rest of his materials.

The show includes some of Greene’s earliest works, alongside his more recent larger abstract color field paintings. In the final analysis, the one constant in all of Greene’s paintings is his surfaces, which are rich, varied, and encourage the observer to “read” the paintings over and over again.



(Gwen Greene, Artist John Greene, & Art Gallery Director Kara O’Neill)

The viewers were virtually surrounded by color and image, an enveloping experience that blended well with transFORM’s custom cabinetry. Friends and family of our artists, as well as guests of transFORM Home, created a large and appreciative buzz, listening to live jazz, throughout the night.