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PHOTOS : 1st Annual NYCCDC “New Beginnings” Fundraiser

On Thursday, October 6th transFORM hosted the 1st Annual New York Covenant Development Corporations “New Beginnings” Fundraiser.


“The NYCCDC was founded in 2006 as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. NYCCDC’s mission is to care, build and empower the lives of the marginalized by breaking down systemic injustices in lower Westchester County and the Bronx. Since its beginning, NYCCDC has joined with businesses, schools, medical and social service providers, and community organizations to provide the poor with services to help meet their housing, emotional and nutritional needs.”


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The event was specifically centered around “Isaiah’s Room”, a flagship program that has been serving New Rochelle’s homeless population since 2009.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The program provides, on a weekly basis, hot meals, clothing, toiletries and advocacy to the homeless.  In 2015, volunteers and donors fully supported and funded over 8000 served meals. The NYCCDC has come to understand the needs of the homeless quite well. Their volunteers have accompanied their friends to court, assisted them with obtaining legal documents, taken them to domestic abuse centers, helped move them into permanent housing, and much more. The NYCCDC volunteers are in relationship with many of the truly homeless. They help “Isaiah’s Room” stand as a stable refuge for those in need.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Guests explored the showroom while enjoying delicious refreshments prepared by the NYCCDC’s Chef Rahsaan White, live jazz and animal themed  artwork, which was on display for transFORM Gallery’s exhibit, “Rescue Me”.


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams  

The viewers were virtually surrounded by color and image, an enveloping experience that blended well with transFORM’s custom cabinetry.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

It was great to see familiar faces, like New Rochelle’s Mayor Noam Bramson, and to meet many new ones like Rev. Dr. David Randolph Holder.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

“Rev. Dr. David Randolph Holder is a fourth generation pastor, raised in Laurelton Queens, New York. As part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Dr. Holder founded New York Covenant Church (NYCC) on July 19, 1998 and has been the Senior Pastor since its inception.”


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Board member, Abbe Udochi spoke briefly about her position within the New York Covenant Community.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

She specifically mentioned available sponsorship opportunities. Whether it be a donation to the Emergency Monetary Support fund or to the weekend meal services, there are plenty of ways to show support for “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Aside from transFORM, generous contributions to “Isaiah’s Room” were provided by Affinity Health Plan and Wykagyl Cleaners. In an extra effort to raise awareness, transFORM Gallery donated 10% of all artwork sales to “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

This wonderful “New Beginnings” event raised over $14,000 to benefit “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

transFORM was very excited to host their first event with the NYCCDC and to have the opportunity to meet so many great people within the local community.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

We look forward to working together on future events!

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

More Photos :

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Photo Blog: “Rescue Me” – A Benefit Event For The Humane Society Of Westchester

On Saturday, July 9th, transFORM hosted a fundraising event for the Humane Society of Westchester, bringing in over 100 guests to our New Rochelle Showroom and Gallery.


The opening reception “Rescue Me” featured 16 artists from across the region, plus a gal from Idaho. The animal themed show represented both wild and domestic animals,  from lions, tigers and bears, to cats, dogs and roosters – created in a variety of mediums.


Back in April, transFORM Gallery extended an open call to artists for animal themed artwork. After receiving dozens of applications, the transFORM Gallery committee made their selections for the upcoming show and were pleased  to welcome the new work of B.F. Sheperd, Nicole Molinari, Miriam Schulman, Susanne Reece, Bruce Withers, Laura Yager and Amelia Jones to our juried exhibition.


“Rescue Me” also featured artwork from transFORM Gallery’s standing artists, Alexander Rutsch, Paula Barragan, Jesse Sanchez, Kathy Rutsch, Alexa Grace and Anita Lobel.


B.A. D’Alessandro, Pasquale Miele and Lubomir Tomaszewski contributed to the sculpture portion of the show, while Gina Kingsley added four fused glass pieces.


In an effort to raise awareness for the compassionate care and treatment of animals, transFORM Gallery teamed up with the Humane Society of Westchester, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating living environments that are not just shelters, but a transitional home for stray, lost, abandoned, injured, and abused animals, until they can ultimately be placed in loving permanent homes. Through promotion of successful pet adoption, animal population control, and public education of animal welfare issues, HSW advances our belief that pet ownership is a lifetime commitment.


A big thank you to Beverly Royal, Keri Sershen and HSW volunteer Sheila, for bringing some furry friends to the opening reception. Guests of all ages enjoyed playing with foster kittens Yankee, Doodle and Grayce as well as Doggie Ambassadors, Lexie and Sweetums.


Local pups, Bandit and Cooper added to the great animal vibe of the event.


Art Gallery Director, Kara O’Neill started the artist’s talk by thanking everyone for coming out and supporting the artists, the gallery, and most importantly the Humane Society.


“10% of the proceeds from the sale of all the artwork, not just animal themed, will go to the Humane Society, along with money generated from the pony rides and carrot and dog biscuit sales.”


She then turned the floor over to our pony ride sponsors, Lower West Side Homecare and SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon.


The two companies worked together to provide $5 pony rides for guests throughout the day. Hillary Sheperd owns and operates SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon with her husband and exhibiting artist, Forrest (B.F.) Sheperd – “We do dirty jobs. We may have a super storm Sandy, a hurricane or a fire but typically we’re dealing with the children who put a “GI Joe” down the toilet of a 3rd floor town house and cause a top-down river rain throughout the home. On what could be the worst day of your life, we try to save your sentimental items, we take care of the things that matter most. We get you back in your home and back to your life.”


Lucia Pons of LWS Homecare explains her family owned business best, “We are a licensed home care company. We take care of newborns all the way up to the aging and elderly. We have physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, visiting nurses and aids that can assist you at home or in the community. We prevent people from going into a nursing home and get people out of the nursing home from New York City to Dutchess County.”


After learning more about our sponsors, Kara brought the focus back to our exhibiting artists by asking each of them to describe the inspiration behind their animal themed work …


Jesse Sanchez – “My cat is my inspiration, he was a rescue who opened up a whole new thing in my life. He’s a great pal, a great companion. I started looking at animals a lot differently. I started thinking more about animals and how valuable their lives are. My cat feels love, he feels pain and he’s my main inspiration for painting animals… plus I had mice so he helped with that too!”


Bruce Whiters – “I spent a lot of time working in Lancaster County, PA. I was fascinated by these animals that were all over the place and I realized that cows are really moving art, especially black and white cows. There are no two the same and they are a painting themselves.”


Forrest Sheperd – “It’s not that I love animals, it’s that I hate vegetables…kidding.  As far as the animals go, their ultimately home. Never in my life have I been without an animal in my family. Right now we have a small menagerie and at times a large menagerie. They have always been there. The image, the form, the undivided attention that animals provide – I have found my landing.”


Gina Kingsley – “I love animals and sometimes I think I may love animals more than humans. I’m the kind of person that cries over roadkill. I’m very passionate about animals… and glass!”


B.A. D’Alessandro – “I usually take some shapes, mostly triangles and I start putting them together and stuff happens and fortunately an owl occurred. That’s when I decided to submit my pieces to the show.”


Nicole Molinari – “My family’s always had pets, they’ve always been a part of my life so what better inspiration. I love realistic paintings.”


Amelia Jones – “I’m exhibiting in a style of chinese brush painting. There’s a whole genre within that style of bird and flower paintings, so one of my paintings is a bird and flower painting. One is a painting that I made for my cousin’s baby and it’s a homonym of her name, Mazie Bee. So, the corn and bees were created for her. The baby panda is more of a whimsy painting because I just like pandas.”


Anita Lobel- “All the paintings that are in this show are the exact same size as they appear in my books. I didn’t always like doing animals, I used to prefer doing people in costumes, but being a children’s book illustrator, I had to learn to like doing animals. I’m still not good at dogs but eventually my husband and I acquired cats. I then really learned the psychology of a cat. The cat I really love, hence my two cat books Nini Here and There and The Cat & The Cook. I also love drawing pigs. Pigs are easy, you can dress them up or dress them down. Horses not so much.”


In addition, Anita hosted a “Meet and Greet” book signing with a large selection of her children’s books, including Caldecott Honor Winner, “Taking Care of Mama Rabbit”. Guests really enjoyed speaking with her and having a personal message written in their Anita Lobel book.


Maria and Pasquale Miele, owners of Saccone’s Pizzeria – New Rochelle’s go-to place for specialty pizza, amazing soups and homemade Italian ices – generously donated catered food for the event.


Pasquale Miele is also one of the exhibiting artists showing fanciful wooden animal sculptures and oils on board and canvas.


More Photos:

lohud 4



















Business Women Connect at transFORM

transFORM Gallery had a great evening hosting the Femfessionals’ Women’s Connecting Event last Thursday, August 1st. Thank you to all that came to enjoy the open connection event, meet local business women, and help Femfessionals grow in their mission for professional women to work together toward their collective good. Noel D’Allacco-Ammirati, President of FemCity Westchester, and President and Founder of Operation Prom spoke about the Femfessionals organization and the growth and purpose of Operation Prom. transFORM’s own Kristy Fox spoke about her career as a designer and her love of co-creating designs with customers for their homes. Thank you FemCity Westchester for a great night and for giving us the opportunity to make new friends.

Take a look at some of the moments we captured from the event in the photos below:















About Femfessionals: A Femfessional is a savvy businesswoman characterized as positive, open-minded, driven, professional, ambitious and desirous of forming strong strategic connections with similar minded professional women to benefit each other personally and professionally and to benefit their community. Not only is she motivated to succeed, she is passionate about the success of others around her. A Femfessional is giving of herself and more than willing to help when she is needed. She wants to make an impact in the world, starting with the betterment of her city, and grow as a business professional and a woman. She is quite remarkable!


About Operation Prom: Do you have any unused formal or prom dresses? Feel free to bring them. At the event, Femfessionals members will be collecting prom dresses for Operation Prom. The organization was created to help less fortunate students successfully attend their proms at little or no cost. Operation Prom partners with local businesses and community organizations across Westchester to increase the amount of donations that are made each year. Established in 2005, the organization has helped thousands of students across the United States and is expanding to help more young people have the opportunity to attend prom.