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Graduation Announcement

Similar to the graduation season we bid farewell to our winter artists and welcome a new stable of talent for the summer/fall season. The recent additions to our NYC showroom bring realism, historic whimsy and sculpture to our curated walls. This group uses different techniques and materials but they all create a unifying impact, which generates a dynamic energy.


Come be inspired by the artists who are “attending” our gallery at this time- Daniel O’Sullivan, Michael Thornton-Smith, Evelyn Sadler, Elise Black, B.A. D’Alessandro and Mari Ogihara.


For additional information contact transFORM Art Gallery Director, Kara O’Neill at 914.500.0982 or koneill@transformhome.com.


Artwork will be on display from 6/1/15 to 10/4/15.



Elise Black



EliseBlack-Headshot-1Elise Black is a multi-media artist residing in Westport, Ct. Her inspiration comes from a multitude of sources including nature as well as man-made materials and objects. Working in many mediums allows for a cross-pollination of ideas and concepts…. many resulting in visually engaging, textural and dimensional works of art.

Her work as an illustrator and designer in the fashion industry in the 1980’s is reflective in her handling of her works on canvas…some have sewn panels and elements, others may employ the use of sequins, rhinestones, glass, rubber, yarn and many other unconventional materials.

Her assemblages and sculptures are mixed media creations that are wall-hung and free standing… utilizing found and unconventional objects as well as employing many of her mediums in a single piece of art.

Black’s work appears in corporate and private collections worldwide and is included in the Permanent Art Collection of the town of Westport Ct, as well as the Lower East Side in NYC.