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CROSS COUNTY – YoHo Meets NewRo Opening Reception

transFORM Gallery, and our event sponsor, Westchester Magazine, thank all of you who attended, “Cross County – YoHo Meets NewRo”.


We also thank our artists Catherine Latson, Ginny Fox, Alexa Grace, and John Folchi for joining us at the opening reception and taking a few minutes to speak about their artwork and creative process.


transFORM Art Gallery Director, Kara O’Neill,  lead the presentation by speaking about the YoHo Studio and her inspirations behind the show. Before giving up the floor, she spoke about Pasquale Miele, who could not attend the opening, calling his work both whimsical and “Basquiat-like”.


Catherine Latson then discussed how nature is the text and a full-fledged collaborator behind her work. She has a passion for using exclusively organic and repurposed materials. Her latest collection, The Garment Series, offers an unconventional take on art and engineering of self-decoration.


Ginny Fox revealed how she uses her hands, rather than brushes, to create clean lines. By layering and removing the paint with a white rag or t shirt, her hands become the vehicle for creating alternating fields of depth and translucent light.


Alexa Grace spoke of her artistic journey, working with notable illustrators, such as Edward Gorey. She began illustrating for The Atlantic Monthly, Harpers, The Village Voice, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, both Time and LIFE Magazines, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Detroit Free Press, L.A. Times, Mademoiselle, Dia Nappon Printing, etc. She also has published adult and children’s books, to her credit.


White Plains artist John Folchi, explained the skill behind dramatizing his cloud paintings, working from both photographs and memory he creates an emotional vista bringing a sense of levity or foreboding to his subjects.


transFORM Co-Founder, Andreas Messis lead a group tour of the manufacturing operations of transFORM’s built-in closets and custom cabinetry facilities.


A special transFORM Gallery thank you goes out to Jeremy Bacon for performing jazz standards throughout the night. The evening concluded when Kara honored the requests of her guests and performed a few jazz tunes for a grand musical finale.


Take a look at the great time we had :











(Courtesy of Robert Stevens)




You’re Invited – Fall Art Exhibit Opening Night : CROSS COUNTY YoHo Meets NewRo

Join us and Westchester Magazine in celebrating the opening of our new exhibit in New Rochelle on Saturday, September 26th from 5 to 8pm. Please send your RSVP to rsvp@transformgallery.com

transFORM Gallery announces their art exhibit for the Fall season, a group show called CROSS COUNTY – YoHo Meets NewRo, sponsored by Westchester Magazine at the transFORM showroom and gallery in New Rochelle, NY.


Yoho (Yonkers Artist Community) members’, Ginny Fox, Alexa Grace and Catherine Latson travel the “Cross County Parkway” for transFORM Gallery’s ‘s New Rochelle group show with Scarsdale artist John Folchi and New Rochelle artist, Pasquale Miele.


This Saturday art opening corresponds with the ArtsFest, a weekend celebration of New Rochelle’s Arts and Culture, September 26 and September 27th, 2015.

The opening reception for the art exhibit will be held on Saturday, September 26th from 5 to 8pm.

Join transFORM Gallery as we celebrate this collection of artists from both sides of Westchester County. The artwork will be on display and available for purchase through January 9th, 2016.