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Photo Blog: the Fanciful World Opening Reception

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. Invite a trope of modern dancers to perform, bring over an international photographer jetting in from London, deliver a Westchester artist making gowns from feathers and sea urchin shells, place glowing orbs, cherry blossoms and french pussy willow branches throughout the showroom and you get a 2016 7th Heaven Event & Fanciful World Art Opening that had jaws dropping and minds spinning.


transFORM Gallery, and our event sponsor, IDS New York, thank all of you who attended our Opening Reception of ‘the Fanciful World’ on Thursday, February 4th.


(Nicholas Doyle Photography)

The spirit of great design was shining, both within our walls and at the adjoining 7th Floor showrooms. All of our wonderful neighbors at the New York Design Center were open and full of surprises, making the night even more magical.  


(Nicholas Doyle Photography)

A big shout out of thanks to Jessica DiMauro and the DiMauro Dance Company for giving us two fantastic performances. Their professionalism and modern dance added to the event, allowing our guests to experience a different type of entertainment.


(Nicholas Doyle Photography)

It’s safe to say this collection of artists has taken the Gallery to the next level by showing their exemplary use of style and creativity.


Exhibiting artists, Bella Kotak and Catherine Latson, draw their inspiration from the natural world creating mystical and breathtaking environments, fanciful garments and sculpture – drawing the viewer into an enchanting land via sight and touch.


(Exhibiting Artists, Catherine Latson & Bella Kotak)

Fashion and conceptual photographer Bella Kotak says her main inspiration comes from, “nature, flowers, the beauty and colors of ever-changing seasons, my beautiful muses, pre Raphaelite paintings, Greek nymphs and their stories, royalty in fairytales and ideas of character’s journey in a darker nature driven world. Most of my images are pieces of several shots and for that to happen, I have to catch those moments in camera. Everything you see in a final image was captured on camera, just at different times. I bring the best storytelling qualities of different photos together to create one fully realized picture. I begin by going through the images and making selections and notes of different pieces of the image I like, for example, her face in one photo, her body language in another, the flow of fabric or how the smoke curled in this picture, and so on. Once I have a collection ready I open everything up in PhotoShop and meticulously begin to piece the puzzle together until the image I see emerge is the one I could already see when shooting. Once I have the composition finished, it’s then I begin with color toning and clearing up any distracting details. ”


(Nicholas Doyle Photography)

Sculpture and scenic artist Catherine Latson’s “Garment Series”, offers an unconventional take on the art and engineering of self-decoration. “Using exclusively organic and repurposed materials, the language of clothing is explored. Garment forms are re-imagined in moss, sea urchin shells, peacock quills, and more. While the forms are recognizably human, they are fragmented, weathered, and curious. They each have a story, a ghost, if you will. Clothing, whether it serves as camouflage or commentary, is a uniquely human experience. I want to turn that experience, that language, on it’s head by offering whimsical and improbable reinventions of the packages we put ourselves in.”


It was truly a spectacular night with truly spectacular visual and performing artists.


(DiMauro Dance Company, Catherine Latson, Kara O’Neill, Bella Kotak, Andreas Messis & Stuart Reisch)

Thank you everyone for coming together to make this happen!

If you missed the opening there is still time to see our amazing collection. Artwork from the ‘the Fanciful World’ will be on display and available for purchase, now through April 24, 2016. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!

More photos from the Fanciful World :



(Nicholas Doyle Photography)




(Photo by @wanhattan via Instagram)






(Nicholas Doyle Photography)