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PHOTOS : 1st Annual NYCCDC “New Beginnings” Fundraiser

On Thursday, October 6th transFORM hosted the 1st Annual New York Covenant Development Corporations “New Beginnings” Fundraiser.


“The NYCCDC was founded in 2006 as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. NYCCDC’s mission is to care, build and empower the lives of the marginalized by breaking down systemic injustices in lower Westchester County and the Bronx. Since its beginning, NYCCDC has joined with businesses, schools, medical and social service providers, and community organizations to provide the poor with services to help meet their housing, emotional and nutritional needs.”


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The event was specifically centered around “Isaiah’s Room”, a flagship program that has been serving New Rochelle’s homeless population since 2009.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The program provides, on a weekly basis, hot meals, clothing, toiletries and advocacy to the homeless.  In 2015, volunteers and donors fully supported and funded over 8000 served meals. The NYCCDC has come to understand the needs of the homeless quite well. Their volunteers have accompanied their friends to court, assisted them with obtaining legal documents, taken them to domestic abuse centers, helped move them into permanent housing, and much more. The NYCCDC volunteers are in relationship with many of the truly homeless. They help “Isaiah’s Room” stand as a stable refuge for those in need.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Guests explored the showroom while enjoying delicious refreshments prepared by the NYCCDC’s Chef Rahsaan White, live jazz and animal themed  artwork, which was on display for transFORM Gallery’s exhibit, “Rescue Me”.


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams  

The viewers were virtually surrounded by color and image, an enveloping experience that blended well with transFORM’s custom cabinetry.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

It was great to see familiar faces, like New Rochelle’s Mayor Noam Bramson, and to meet many new ones like Rev. Dr. David Randolph Holder.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

“Rev. Dr. David Randolph Holder is a fourth generation pastor, raised in Laurelton Queens, New York. As part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Dr. Holder founded New York Covenant Church (NYCC) on July 19, 1998 and has been the Senior Pastor since its inception.”


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Board member, Abbe Udochi spoke briefly about her position within the New York Covenant Community.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

She specifically mentioned available sponsorship opportunities. Whether it be a donation to the Emergency Monetary Support fund or to the weekend meal services, there are plenty of ways to show support for “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Aside from transFORM, generous contributions to “Isaiah’s Room” were provided by Affinity Health Plan and Wykagyl Cleaners. In an extra effort to raise awareness, transFORM Gallery donated 10% of all artwork sales to “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

This wonderful “New Beginnings” event raised over $14,000 to benefit “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

transFORM was very excited to host their first event with the NYCCDC and to have the opportunity to meet so many great people within the local community.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

We look forward to working together on future events!

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

More Photos :

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Q&A With DiMauro Dance

Earlier this week, we got the chance to speak with Jessica DiMauro -Artistic Director/Choreographer of DiMauro Dance. Through a quick Q&A, Jessica gave us some insight on the history and inspiration behind DiMauro Dance.

We’re so excited to welcome the team to our Manhattan showroom on February 4th from 5-8pm at 200 LEX. 

They will be preforming a modern dance routine at the Opening Reception of ‘the Fanciful World’. This event will coincide with transFORM’s Second Annual 7th Heaven Design Party, sponsored by the Interior Design Society, New York Chapter. All of the showrooms on the Seventh Floor of the New York Design Center will be open and full of surprises to make your evening magical. Each showroom will be presenting their own innovative designs, unique displays, crafted cocktails and heavenly culinary indulgences.


(Photography by Yi-Chun Wu)

DiMauro Dance is a five-member company characterized by the use of emotional intent, athleticism, grounded physicality and urban influenced movement. The company is based in Manhattan, with roots in Westchester County. Jessica’s choreography has been seen at venues throughout the Tri-state area.

Q: What is your main inspiration for dance?

A: As a choreographer deeply invested in the artistic exploration of the human experience, I am intrigued by the challenge of developing literal gesture into abstract movement while keeping the emotional integrity. In my work, the body is used as a vessel to express the rich layers of human emotion. I am constantly fascinated by the body’s ability to express subtlety and grace, and conversely show aggression and struggle. My choreography tells a story or sheds light on a particular subject, while giving the performer the opportunity to viscerally experience the emotional intention through movement. I compose movement that is structurally athletic and emotionally driven by raw human emotion. Through performances that utilize community participation as a foundation, I have made it a goal to bring the public into the world of concert dance; specifically the infrequent dance spectator who is intimidated, frustrated or confused by the opacity of modern dance. As an artist, I want to create work that entertains with depth. Personal stories and emotional journeys are revealed through movement that is accessible and experienced by the people who watch it.

Q: What made you want to create your own dance company?

A: In 2006, I created DiMauro Dance in response to the lack of opportunity for modern dancers. My peers and I were craving performance experience and I became proactive in searching out opportunity for us as a group. Since then, many of my dancers have changed, but the goal remains the same; creating a place for us and our art to be seen and experienced.

Q: Where are the different venues that you have performed at?

A: We have performed our work at traditional venues, including Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, The Flea Theater, Purchase College, and The Crystal Theater. We have also engaged in cite-specific work at non-traditional venues such as a community garden in Manhattan and a floating barge on the Hudson River.


(The Annual Benefit for the Steffi Nossen School of Dance and The Dance in Education Fund, Purchase College – Photography by Bill Bramswig)

Q: Can you clarify your connection with the Steffi Nossen School of Dance in White Plains?

A: We do not operate as a school, but rather a fiscally sponsored dance company made up of freelance artists. However, we are very much connected to Steffi Nossen School of Dance in White Plains, NY. Aside from being Artistic Director of DiMauro Dance, I am also Artistic Director of Steffi Nossen and many of my dancers have taught there. We have done company residencies and many performances through the dance school, as well as have an ongoing Space Grant from their dance foundation.

Q: What style of dance do you prefer?

A: We work primarily in modern dance but continue to be inspired by a number of dance genres.


(Photography by Yi-Chun Wu)

Q: What challenges do you think you’ll encounter when preforming at our space?

A: We rarely have so much space to move in! The challenge will be utilizing the space in the hallway portion of our performance, and then majorly downsizing when performing in the gallery.

Q: What are you most excited about when performing at our space?

A: We love bringing modern dance into non-traditional settings! I am also thrilled that we will be including live music in this performance!

For more information about this event please visit here. 

Jessica DiMauro Short Reel 2014 from Jessica DiMauro on Vimeo.


Keith Green Holiday Sale | Now – 1/10/16

Hey! Ho! Lets go!

After numerous inquires from Dee Dee Ramone fans, photographer, Keith Green is offering a rare print from his documentary series, “Dee Dee Ramone: Cold Turkey at the Chelsea” – now through January 10, 2016.

“The gift-giving holidays are here, and what better gift idea than a collectable, signed limited edition museum quality print. I’m making a rare offer of an 8X10 fiber- based silver gelatin, signed print of punk icon, Dee Dee Ramone from the Chelsea Hotel series. The photograph will be hand-printed by New York City’s premier black and white print maker, Laurent Girard whose printed the images from this Chelsea Hotel series exclusively since the beginning, as well as making prints for the likes of Bob Gruen, Mick Rock, Patti Smith and Lou Reed to name a few. The offering price is 250/USD ( +10 for shipping & handeling), and will run through January 10, 2016.” – Keith Green


Dee Dee Ramone, The Chelsea NYC 1 | 8″ x 10″| Unframed| $250 USD


Payment Information:

transFORM Gallery accepts cashier’s checks and personal checks. We also accept Visa or MasterCard. When paying with a card, payments are processed online at: transformhome.com/payments.

In the Account #  box, please write “Art” and the days date, (for example: Art120915).


psform copy


Click here for more information on Keith Green.


CROSS COUNTY – YoHo Meets NewRo Opening Reception

transFORM Gallery, and our event sponsor, Westchester Magazine, thank all of you who attended, “Cross County – YoHo Meets NewRo”.


We also thank our artists Catherine Latson, Ginny Fox, Alexa Grace, and John Folchi for joining us at the opening reception and taking a few minutes to speak about their artwork and creative process.


transFORM Art Gallery Director, Kara O’Neill,  lead the presentation by speaking about the YoHo Studio and her inspirations behind the show. Before giving up the floor, she spoke about Pasquale Miele, who could not attend the opening, calling his work both whimsical and “Basquiat-like”.


Catherine Latson then discussed how nature is the text and a full-fledged collaborator behind her work. She has a passion for using exclusively organic and repurposed materials. Her latest collection, The Garment Series, offers an unconventional take on art and engineering of self-decoration.


Ginny Fox revealed how she uses her hands, rather than brushes, to create clean lines. By layering and removing the paint with a white rag or t shirt, her hands become the vehicle for creating alternating fields of depth and translucent light.


Alexa Grace spoke of her artistic journey, working with notable illustrators, such as Edward Gorey. She began illustrating for The Atlantic Monthly, Harpers, The Village Voice, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, both Time and LIFE Magazines, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Detroit Free Press, L.A. Times, Mademoiselle, Dia Nappon Printing, etc. She also has published adult and children’s books, to her credit.


White Plains artist John Folchi, explained the skill behind dramatizing his cloud paintings, working from both photographs and memory he creates an emotional vista bringing a sense of levity or foreboding to his subjects.


transFORM Co-Founder, Andreas Messis lead a group tour of the manufacturing operations of transFORM’s built-in closets and custom cabinetry facilities.


A special transFORM Gallery thank you goes out to Jeremy Bacon for performing jazz standards throughout the night. The evening concluded when Kara honored the requests of her guests and performed a few jazz tunes for a grand musical finale.


Take a look at the great time we had :











(Courtesy of Robert Stevens)




Join us and Westchester Magazine in celebrating the opening of our new exhibit in New Rochelle on Saturday, June 13th from 6 to 9pm.

Please send your RSVP to rsvp@transformgallery.com

transFORM Gallery announces their art exhibit for the Summer season, a retrospective of Alexander Rutsch’s work, sponsored by Westchester Magazine at the transFORM showroom and gallery in New Rochelle, NY.

The celebrated Austrian artist approached painting and sculpting as he lived life- with the eyes of a child and the hand of a poet. Constantly in the quest for rhythms of form and vibrations of color, he caught the “sparks in the shadow” and evidenced their fullest reality and beauty in his creations.

His work is held in the collections of H.M Queen Fabiola of Belgium, Walter Cronkite of New York, Gala and Salvador Dali, Sammy Davis Jr, Jacqueline Kennedy- Onassis, Guy Laroche of Paris, Belgium’s Museum of Liège, Paris’s Musée d’Art Moderne, New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Baroness Alix de Rothschild of France.


He was an artist of the purest breed-an artist who had no choice but to paint. He was a chosen traveler of the depths of existence; a man who followed a longing to explore his inner self and relate his findings with the energy of the universe.

The opening reception for the art exhibit will be held on Saturday, June 13th from 6 to 9pm. The night will include delicious food and wine as well as musical entertainment by Eric Katz and Charlie Rhyner. Start off summer the right way and join transFORM Gallery in celebrating the occasion and the wonderful work of Alexander Rutsch. The artwork will be on display and available for purchase through August 30, 2015.


Eric Katz with Charlie Rhyner