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The New York Design Center presents its eighth annual What’s New What’s Next, a showcase of new ideas, design, materials, and products. The most anticipated interior design event of the season will include presentations, and panel discussions with the industry’s top editors, designers, and manufacturers.

With so many exciting activities, you’ll be feigning for an energy boost – stop by suite 708 for an awesome afternoon of chocolates, coffee and art!

 Sarah Endline and her company Sweet Riot, makes all natural healthy chocolate treats and snacks in a socially responsible way. She will be providing delectable chocolates from 3-4pm.


In addition, transFORM will be serving certified organic  Grounds For Change coffee, a Washington State coffee roaster specializing in 100% Fair Trade. This delicious and sustainable combination will keep you recharged and refreshed as you continue on through the New York Design Center’s building wide events.

As you enjoy your sweet treats, International photographer Jean Luc Mege will be hosting an informal talk centered around his high-end, premium composite acrylic glass photographs, which are currently on display at transFORM art gallery.


Be sure to make your way back to transFORM for 7:45pm, as our Design Research & Product Development Director Daniel Steps, will begin his presentation on smart design solutions. This is your preview into the future of smart living in small urban spaces. Learn how new advanced hardware and materials are creating exciting designs that maximize space and function in compact apartments.



The Harvard Business School Club of NY at transFORM Gallery

On Wednesday, August 3rd, transFORM hosted an event for the Harvard Business School Club of New York. The HBSCNY has a rich and glorious history as one of the most vibrant alumni clubs anywhere in the world and we were very excited to welcome them to our showroom.


“HBSCNY’s programs provide the opportunity for all alumni, at all ages and all career stages, who have graduated with a PhD, MBA or Executive Education Certificate from HBS, to work together around common passions and to add value to their lives and their community. The Club enables HBS alumni to participate and contribute in ways that balance personal and community interests, time availability and depth of commitment. New programs are created every year by groups of interested alumni to meet ever-evolving personal and community needs.”


It was fun evening of networking and excellent conversation with the best business people as well as tasty wine and refreshments. We were thrilled to entertain the many visitors interested in our cabinetry as well as the artwork. Many guests were particularly fascinated with the work of our exhibiting artist, Jean-luc Mege who was also in attendance.


“Jean-Luc Mege covers, illustrates and immortalizes scenes from around the world. He has a rare ability to tell a story through his photographs. The force of the narrative comes from a unique path: Jean-Luc’s eye is imbued with great empathy, an unprecedented tenderness and an innate sense of composition.” 


After a short period of mingling, John O’Donnell (Co-Chairman, Art Experts Symposia) gathered the 75 guests in attendance for a little presentation. He began the talk by thanking transFORM for generously hosting their alumni event. After discussing the Harvard Business School Club in greater detail, he passed the mic over to Sarah Endline.


Over the past couple of months, Sarah has brought many interesting groups into our showroom. As an active nonprofit board contributor to the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), the Billionaire Girls Club (BGC) and AIESEC Life, Sarah has many influential connections within the community — she is also married to our exhibiting artist, Jean-luc Mege!


“Sarah received her MBA from the Harvard Business School and is now a social entrepreneur and self proclaimed ‘hippie capitalist.’ She grew up in a small farming township of 500 and somewhere along the way dreamed of building her own mission-based business. After years of contemplation, she founded sweetriot, a small mission-based company in NYC, which strives to build tasty little morsels in a different way for a different generation. Through Sarah’s travels, she stumbled upon cacao and knew she had to share it with others. The rioter team began testing it with their friends and learning that many did not know the true story of cacao. Discovered in the 1500’s, cacao is a magical, spiritual, and celebrated food from South America, Central America, West Africa, and Asia.”


Guests happily snacked on Sweet Riots Cheeky Chia Seed and Crunchy Quirky Quinoa Dark Chocolate as they listen to Sarah’s presentation.


Kara then got the chance to explain her innovative concept behind transFORM Gallery. Unlike the traditional art gallery format, where art is presented on blank white walls, our artwork is hung in home-like settings, making it easier for the client to visualize their own environments. The concept incorporates the fields of art and interior design into one location.


Jean-luc spoke in detail about his first class, high end, premium composite acrylic glass photographs, which were on display for our summer art exhibit. He specifically focused on a piece entitled “First Date With… My Future Wife” stating that the photo was taken on April 1, 2009 just 15 minutes before meeting Sarah.


His international works have repeatedly been selected as examples in press articles and exhibitions.


A big thank you to Sarah, Jean-luc, John and Chloris Ji (Programming Events Manager) for organizing this wonderful event. At transFORM, we enjoy opening up our showroom to chambers, meet-ups and non-profit organizations as a way to network and build new relationships. It exposes our showroom and gives people the chance to see, touch and feel what we do.


We’ll be looking forward to the next event with the Harvard Business School Club of New York!