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FIT’s Valerie Steele at tF Gallery

On Friday, November 11th, transFORM welcomed Valerie Steele Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at FIT, to their NYC Gallery and Showroom.


Valerie Steele, Catherine Latson & Kara O’Neill

“We were BEYOND thrilled that she took the time out of her busy schedule and made the special trip to see the handwork of the talented artist, Catherine Latson. She was very smart, insightful and great to listen to – I could have listened to her for hours. She especially liked the Sea Urchin Tutu piece. Valerie has been looking at the top talent in the worlds of fashion and art for decades and the fact she felt that Catherine’s work was in that category, leaves us bowed down and honored and super excited – especially during such a dark week.”Kara O’Neill 

Valerie Steele & Kara O'Neill discuss "Sea Urchin Tutu"

Valerie Steele & Kara O’Neill discuss “Sea Urchin Tutu”

Valerie Steele is director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she has personally organized more than 20 exhibitions since 1997, including The Corset: Fashioning the BodyLondon FashionGothic: Dark GlamourShoe ObsessionDaphne GuinnessA Queer History of Fashion, and Dance and Fashion. She is also founder and editor in chief of Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture, the first peer-reviewed, scholarly journal in Fashion Studies.


Photo by Aaron Corbett

Steele combines serious scholarship (and a Yale Ph.D.) with a rare ability to communicate with general audiences. She is author or co-author of more than 20 books, includingFashion and EroticismParis FashionWomen of FashionFetish: Fashion, Sex and PowerThe Corset: A Cultural HistoryGothic: Dark GlamourJapan Fashion NowThe Impossible Collection FashionThe Berg Companion to Fashion, and Fashion Designers A-Z: The Collection of The Museum at FIT, as well as contributing essays to publications, such as Fashion and Art and Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity. Her books have been translated into Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

As author, curator, editor, and public intellectual, Valerie Steele has been instrumental in creating the modern field of fashion studies and in raising awareness of the cultural significance of fashion. She has appeared on many television programs, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and Undressed: The Story of Fashion.  Described in The Washington Post as one of fashions brainiest women and by Suzy Menkes as The Freud of Fashion, she was listed among Fashions 50 Most Powerful by the Daily News and as one of The People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry in the Business of Fashion 500 (2014)


Thank you, Valerie. This will definitely be a day to remember!


PHOTOS : 1st Annual NYCCDC “New Beginnings” Fundraiser

On Thursday, October 6th transFORM hosted the 1st Annual New York Covenant Development Corporations “New Beginnings” Fundraiser.


“The NYCCDC was founded in 2006 as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. NYCCDC’s mission is to care, build and empower the lives of the marginalized by breaking down systemic injustices in lower Westchester County and the Bronx. Since its beginning, NYCCDC has joined with businesses, schools, medical and social service providers, and community organizations to provide the poor with services to help meet their housing, emotional and nutritional needs.”


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The event was specifically centered around “Isaiah’s Room”, a flagship program that has been serving New Rochelle’s homeless population since 2009.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

The program provides, on a weekly basis, hot meals, clothing, toiletries and advocacy to the homeless.  In 2015, volunteers and donors fully supported and funded over 8000 served meals. The NYCCDC has come to understand the needs of the homeless quite well. Their volunteers have accompanied their friends to court, assisted them with obtaining legal documents, taken them to domestic abuse centers, helped move them into permanent housing, and much more. The NYCCDC volunteers are in relationship with many of the truly homeless. They help “Isaiah’s Room” stand as a stable refuge for those in need.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Guests explored the showroom while enjoying delicious refreshments prepared by the NYCCDC’s Chef Rahsaan White, live jazz and animal themed  artwork, which was on display for transFORM Gallery’s exhibit, “Rescue Me”.


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams  

The viewers were virtually surrounded by color and image, an enveloping experience that blended well with transFORM’s custom cabinetry.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

It was great to see familiar faces, like New Rochelle’s Mayor Noam Bramson, and to meet many new ones like Rev. Dr. David Randolph Holder.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

“Rev. Dr. David Randolph Holder is a fourth generation pastor, raised in Laurelton Queens, New York. As part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Dr. Holder founded New York Covenant Church (NYCC) on July 19, 1998 and has been the Senior Pastor since its inception.”


Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Board member, Abbe Udochi spoke briefly about her position within the New York Covenant Community.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

She specifically mentioned available sponsorship opportunities. Whether it be a donation to the Emergency Monetary Support fund or to the weekend meal services, there are plenty of ways to show support for “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Aside from transFORM, generous contributions to “Isaiah’s Room” were provided by Affinity Health Plan and Wykagyl Cleaners. In an extra effort to raise awareness, transFORM Gallery donated 10% of all artwork sales to “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

This wonderful “New Beginnings” event raised over $14,000 to benefit “Isaiah’s Room”.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

transFORM was very excited to host their first event with the NYCCDC and to have the opportunity to meet so many great people within the local community.

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

We look forward to working together on future events!

 Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

Image Courtesy of Reece T. Williams

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Photos : “Rescue Me” Closing Reception

transFORM Gallery, and our event sponsor, Westchester Magazine, thank everyone who attended the closing reception of “Rescue Me” on Saturday, October 1st. You all helped make a chilly, damp day bright and cheery.


We especially appreciate the artists, experts and volunteers who joined us along with the Humane Society of Westchester and Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue.


In addition to the delicious food provided by Eastchester Fish Market, there was plenty of entertainment throughout the day. Beverly Royal (HSW Events Coordinator) and Melanie Pre (HSW Staffer) invited alumni and ambassador pups Lexi, Monty and Milo, as well as cuddly kittens, Keira and Tuxedo Buttercup.


Also in attendance was Dewey, the three year old Abyssinian guinea pig.


Volunteers Erica, Adrienne, Lyde and Nancy stood close by to provide detailed information on adopting/ fostering pets.


Licensed Veterinary Technician Jennifer Angell – Greene, offered expert advice on how to select and train your pets. Jennifer grew up in upstate NY where she raised show horses, rabbits, and sheep. She received an AAS from SUNY Delhi and attended Mercy College for pre Veterinary medicine. Jennifer has spent ten years in private vet hospitals including the Animal Medical Center and three years as a technician and hospital manager at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.


A special thank you goes out to Deanna Mancuso and Ronnie Mullaly of LOHR for traveling to Westchester County with Carmella – the indoor therapy pony. As the founder of Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, Deanna offers a permanent sanctuary to unwanted, abused or neglected animals, and provides them with a safe haven where they would never again experience the situations that led them to the LOHR in the first place.


Carmella spent the day exploring transFORM’s showroom while guests mingled and admired the work of our 17 exhibiting artists.


“Rescue Me” represented both wild and domestic animals, from lions, tigers and bears, to cats, dogs and roosters – created in a variety of mediums. Exhibiting artists included, BF Sheperd, Nicole Molinari, Miriam Schulman, Susanne Reece, Bruce Whiters, Laura Yager, Amelia Jones, Alexander Rutsch, Kathy Rutsch, Jesse Sanchez, Alexa Grace, Anita Lobel, BA D’Alessandro, Pasquale Miele, Lubomir Tomaszewski and Gina Kingsley.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.15.34 AM copy

Suzanne Hockstein, Bronx-based singer-songwriter and mixed media artist, lead children’s drawing and painting classes. Suzanne has over 20 years of artistic experience, working with children from pre-k to 6th grade. She creates a comfortable, open-ended environment where artists can explore the provided materials and medium in their own way.


In addition to the crafts table, transFORM offered face painting and yummy treats for children of all ages.


We are very proud to announce that we have now raised over $900 in support of the compassionate care and treatment of animals.


Thank you everyone for coming together to make this happen. It truly was a (p)awsome event!


PHOTOS: Coffee, Chocolate & Art at WNWN 2016

On Thursday, September 22nd transFORM and their Media Sponsor, Aspire NY Metro, participated in the New York Design Center’s 8th Annual “What’s New, What’s Next” event at 200 Lexington Ave.


The celebration included over 80 participating showrooms featuring product introductions, informative lectures, book signings and soirees. The building wide event drew in over 7,000 people, giving them the opportunity to view new ideas, designs, materials and products. This year also marked the New York Design Centers 90th Anniversary. From Thom Filicia and Jamie Drake to Wendy Goodman and Amy Astley, the building was filled with the industry’s top designers and editors – there was even a special visit from Hillary and Donald!


With so many exciting activities, guests were fiending for an energy boost. transFORM happily welcomed visitors into their showroom for a refreshing afternoon of chocolate, coffee and art.


Sarah Endline and her company Sweet Riot, makes all natural healthy chocolate treats and snacks in a socially responsible way. Among the assortment was Sweet Riot’s Kickin’ Coconut  & Crunchy Quirky Quinoa dark chocolate bars as well as lightly roasted Cacao nibs. transFORM supplied Grounds For Change coffee, a Washington State coffee roaster specializing in 100% Fair Trade. This delicious and sustainable combination allowed guests to refuel and recharge as they continued on through the New York Design Center’s building wide events.


In the early evening, transFORM Gallery hosted an informal artist talk with International Photographer Jean-Luc Mege. The discussion was centered around his high-end, premium composite acrylic glass photographs, which were on display throughout the gallery. Jean-Luc Mege covers, illustrates and immortalizes scenes from around the world. He has a rare ability to tell a story through his photographs. The force of the narrative comes from a unique path: Jean-Luc’s eye is imbued with great empathy, an unprecedented tenderness and an innate sense of composition.


Artists Rachelle Krieger, Catherine Latson and KellyAnn Monaghan also had the opportunity to speak about their exhibiting work.


Rachelle’s paintings are part of numerous private and corporate collections and can been seen in public spaces throughout the United States including at the Westin Hotel in New Orleans, the Ritz Carlton in DC, the Marriott Marquis in DC, and the Texas State Bank in Dallas. Rachelle’s work reflects the nature preserves, seascapes and woods near her home in Port Washington, NY. More recently she has taken and exciting directional turn into bold and dynamic abstractions of nature and nature’s forces.


Catherine Latson’s “Garment Series” offers an unconventional take on the art and engineering of self-decoration. Using exclusively organic and repurposed materials, the language of clothing is explored. Garment forms are reimagined in tapioca root, magnolia leaves, moss, birch, sea urchin shells, amaranths, hydrangea petals, peacock quills, and more. While the forms are recognizably human, they are fragmented, weathered, and curious.


KellyAnn Monaghan uses landscapes and urban landscapes as a journey and stage for the drama of light, air and movement. She attempts to see past the structured architecture into the otherworldly qualities of the landscape. There is emptiness and solitude in the spaces she paints; yet they have a quality of human presence through the atmosphere and illumination.

Billboards Streetlight and Court Square Building

While enjoying coffee and sweet treats, the attentive audience asked interesting questions and added to the commentary.


transFORM Gallery was especially excited over the sale of Jean-Luc’s first class print, “Grand Central Terminal”.


Unlike the traditional art gallery format, where art is presented on blank white walls, our artwork is hung in home-like settings, making it easier for the client to visualize it in their own environments. – a quality that’s highly regarded in the design industry. Interior design and decorating have a need for the energy, mood and life that is brought into a space by original artwork.


Throughout the day transFORM Gallery provided industry partners, tastemakers and more an opportunity to discover a variety of mediums from painting and sculpture to mixed media and photography.


Our NYC designers were also available throughout the event to provide interested guests with one-on-one tours of the showroom.


In honor of “What’s New, What’s Next”, transFORM introduced their Multifunctional Men’s Apartment, which included a horizontal wall bed, custom wardrobe & dual-purpose desk.


Featured in Desert Oak and Dusk Frake from Shinnoki and finished with Red Port High Gloss and Black Leather accents, transFORM’s newest installation features an array of custom cabinetry for added storage.


After a brief introduction from Andreas Mesis (Co Owner) and Donovan Malloy (Marketing Director), transFORM’s Design Research & Product Development Director Daniel Steps, began his presentation on smart living in small urban spaces. “Tackling the Trend – Living Large in Tiny Homes and Micro-Apartments” explained how new advanced hardware and materials can create exciting designs that maximize space and function in compact apartments.


transFORM enjoyed being introduced to and getting to know new members of our design community.


Thank you to all that came to the event – we look forward to seeing you there again next year!

You’re Invited : Closing Reception of “Rescue Me”

transFORM Gallery Presents the Closing Reception of “Rescue Me” : A Juried Exhibition & Fundraiser

stock image

transFORM Gallery announces their event for the Fall season at the transFORM Showroom & Gallery in New Rochelle, sponsored by Westchester Magazine. transFORM Gallery will be hosting a closing reception for their Summer art exhibit, “Rescue Me” on Saturday, October 1st from 3-7 pm at 20 Jones Street. This will be another fundraiser for the Humane Society of Westchester with kittens and dogs as well as a rabbit and indoor therapy pony from Lucky Orphan Horse Rescueyes, the pony wears a diaper! 

  • Closing Reception – 16 artists from across the region & a gal from Idaho!
  • Kittens, Dogs, Rabbit, Therapy Pony & Presentation by Jennifer Angell-Greene
  • Crafts Table, Face Painting, Child & Adult Friendly Treats
  • Wine & Media Sponsor Westchester Magazine + Food from Eastchester Fish Gourmet
  • $10 Minimum Donation for Adults & $5 Minimum Donation for Children (12 & Under)
  • Entry Fees + 10 % of all artwork sales will be donated to the HSW & LOHR

“Rescue Me” featured 16 artists from across the region, plus a gal from Idaho. The animal themed show represented both wild and domestic animals, from lions, tigers and bears, to cats, dogs and roosters – created in a variety of mediums. transFORM Gallery was pleased to welcome the new work of B.F. SheperdNicole Molinari, Miriam Schulman, Susanne Reece, Bruce Withers, Laura Yager and Amelia Jones to their juried exhibition. “Rescue Me” also featured artwork from transFORM Gallery’s standing artists, Alexander Rutsch, Paula Barragan, Jesse Sanchez, Kathy Rutsch, Alexa Grace and Anita Lobel. BA D’AlessandroPasquale Miele and Lubomir Tomaszewski contributed to the sculpture portion of the show, while Gina Kingsley added four fused glass pieces.


The closing reception will include a therapy pony, dogs, kittens and a rabbit. There will also be a presentation by Licensed Vet Technician, Jennifer Angell-Greene. Jennifer has worked in private vet hospitals for 10 years including the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. She also spent 3 years as a technician and hospital manager at Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Jennifer will be providing guests with expert advice on how to select & train their pets.

transFORM Gallery welcomes guests of all ages. If you are a bit weary of animals, don’t stress. The event will also include a crafts table and face painting as well as child and adult friendly treats.

Wine and Media Sponsor, Westchester Magazine + Food from Eastchester Fish Gourmet.

There will be a minimum donation fee of $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 & under. Money generated from the entry fees as well as 10% of all artwork sales will be donated to the Humane Society and Lucky Orphan Horse Rescue.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.52.30 PMAbout the Humane Society Of Westchester: The Humane Society of Westchester, founded in 1911 as the New Rochelle Humane Society, is a non-profit “organization dedicated to creating living environments that are not just shelters, but a transitional homes for stray, lost, abandoned, injured, and abused animals, until they can ultimately be placed in loving permanent homes. Through promotion of successful pet adoption, animal population control, and public education of animal welfare issues, they advanced our beliefs that pet ownership is a lifetime commitment.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.52.54 PMAbout Lucky Orphan Horse Rescue: Lucky Orphans opened their barn doors in 2008, they have helped many horses, along with some sheep and goats, find a more promising and meaningful future. It is the goal of LOHR to not only save these wonderful animals, rehabilitating them and rebuilding their trust in people, but also to use their stories of struggle, overcoming adversity, building trust, leadership, and teamwork to create an understanding and inspiration in children, young adults, and the community.  Today, Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is dedicated to not only providing a forever home for these magnificent creatures, but also to educating the community and focusing on strengthening the relationship between children and animals to build a more compassionate future.

Please RSVP to rsvp@transformhome.com.

Anita Lobel for “Rescue Me”

Cat on Cloud

Cat on Cloud

Watercolor & Gouache on Watercolor Paper
Executed with very small brushes.
Featured in “Nini Here and There”. Published 2007
7 ½” x 6 ¼”

Whales in the Ocean

Whales in the Ocean

Watercolor & Gouache on Watercolor Paper
Executed with very small brushes.
Featured in “One Lighthouse, One Moon”. Pub. 2000
7 ½” x 6”

Cat On Elephant

Cat On Elephant

Watercolor & Gouache on Watercolor Paper
Executed with very small brushes.
Featured in “Nini Here and There”. Published 2007
8 ¾” x 6 ¼”

Seagulls by the Shore

Seagulls by the Shore

Watercolor & Gouache on Watercolor Paper
Executed with very small brushes.
Featured in “One Lighthouse, One Moon”. Pub. 2000
7 ½” x 6”

Animals on the Beach

Animals on the Beach

Watercolor & Gouache on Watercolor Paper
Executed with very small brushes.
Featured in “The Cat and the Cook”. Pub.1995
12” x 6 ½”



Ink on Illustration Board
16 ¼ x 12 ½ (Unframed)
19 ¾ x 15 ½ (framed)


Screen-Shot-2014-05-27-at-1.32.19-PMAll the paintings that are in this show are the exact same size as they appear in my books. I didn’t always like doing animals, I used to prefer doing people in costumes, but being a children’s book illustrator, I had to learn to like doing animals. I’m still not good at dogs but eventually my husband and I acquired cats. I then really learned the psychology of a cat. The cat I really love, hence my two cat books Nini Here and There and The Cat & The Cook. I also love drawing pigs. Pigs are easy, you can dress them up or dress them down. Horses not so much.”

At the opening reception of “Rescue Me”, Anita hosted a “Meet and Greet” book signing with a large selection of her children’s books, including Caldecott Honor Winner, “Taking Care of Mama Rabbit”.

Guests really enjoyed speaking with her and having a personal message written in their Anita Lobel book.

“I have been illustrating and writing texts for picture books for children since 1965. Many of my books have been translated into several languages and published abroad.

The early pictures were usually black ink drawings. Laid on top of the drawing, on two or three separate illustration boards, an overlay of watercolor washes was prepared. At the printing press these overlays were translated into colors. Blended together this process, if cleverly manipulated, gave on the printed page from a combination of, for example, a green and red or yellow and blue printers inks, an illusion of almost, but not quite, full color. Even though my books from that era do not blaze in full color, my black and white pictures are always intricate. They and their accompanying overlays are often of real interest to collectors of graphic art created for books.

For the past 25 years or so, printing presses have become much more sophisticated. Books are now beautifully printed mostly in China or Japan. All of us in the picture book field have been liberated to indulge in full color painting. Thus I have accumulated an archive of real paintings from many books, which are truly collectable and displayable. These pictures are in demand. I have sold work to individual collectors and institutions in America as well as Japan. I have been included in group exhibitions, such as the annual exhibition of original picture book art at The Society of Illustrators in New York City, exhibitions organized by museums and educational institutions around the country, i.e., The Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia: Myth, Magic and Mystery. One Hundred Years of American Children’s Book Illustration. I have had one person shows at Every Picture Tells a Story in Los Angeles, the Justin Schiller gallery in New York. In Japan my pictures have been included in several museum collections specializing in children’s book illustration. I have now decided to offer the original art from my picture books for sale.

When I was an art student I was interested in painting heroic murals. A complete reversal, a miniaturization of those visions, came to suit me better and it has served me well for many years.”